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charges filed by mayor ed lee. now what happens, and can everyone at city hall play nice? joedi hernandez spoke with the the sheriff one on one. it's been a long haul. does he think it's been worth it? >> reporter: it certainly has, and i believe he does think it was worth it. the reinstated sheriff returned to his offices here at city hall this afternoon. he says he is anxious to get back to work, and he says by his book he is officially the sheriff again. before he returned to his offices today, he took some time to share his thoughts and emotions with us on the roller coaster ride he's been through. >> we're tired. we didn't get much sleep last night to say the least. we're just absolutely gratified and thankful for all the aamazing support. >> reporter: though exhausted, the reinstated sheriff is all smiles. well-wishers stopped to congratulate him as he made his way back to work. >> it's time to heal, and it's not win or lose and what side or me being reinstated or not. i think it's time to heal, and it's nice that we all rise above, i think, this experience, which is agonizing for a
're coming behind them and it will push this issue to the front of the city agenda and county's agenda to move forward with the new stadium and hopefully keep the team here. >> most a's fans hopes the stadium is built in oakland, fans in san jose want to see the team move south. >> our hope is that we continue to light a candle in san jose to make sure they know that san jose is wanting them to come here. >> reporter: a's officials acknowledge securing a new stadium is high on the wish list but the team's priority at the moment is playing ball. >> obviously that's the end goal for the organization but our immediate goal is to try to win the division, play good baseball and see how far we can go in the playoffs. >> reporter: we are back here live in front of the 45-year-old coliseum where you can see fans are streaming in to watch the a's take on the rangers. of course the team hopes to get one step closer to winning a division title. the game starts at 7:00 and we are told tickets are still available. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you,
they say about this video tonight at 11:00. >> could the feds take over the oakland police zmept city leaders are gearing up for that real possibility. how would it change the department and would the streets be safer? jodi joins us in oakland. is the federal take over inevitable? >> reporter: raj, city leaders and the mayor hope it is not inevitable but they are preparing just in case. tonight, the mayor is sharing a possible option. she says she doesn't envision a complete takeover, instead is suggesting a softer approach. >> the rank and file officer is finding it very difficult to go out there and serve the citizens with the lack of support that we see from city hall. >> reporter: with violent crime on the rise, the anniversary of the occupy protests just around the corner, and a growing call for the opd to be placed under federal control, oakland police are feeling pressure like never before. >> morale is at rock bottom. not only do you have the uncertainty with the discussion regarding receivership but you're also looking at a 20% increase in the most violent types of crime in o
san jose. >> it's unfolding in the eighth district city council race. we're here to show you how one race has turned very ugly. >> reporter: as we count down the days to the election, both sides in the district eight city council election are crying foul tonight. one side is accusing the other of tampering with campaign signs and dumping them under the cover of darkness. the other side filed a police report alleging assault. where did all the signs go? that's what tina wanted to know. >> over the last several weeks, i've taken at least 15 lawn signs taken. >> reporter: she later found dozens of signs in a trash can. his discovery led them to stake out the area and this video clearly shows it was the husband of rose herrera, the opponent in the race. >> he became instantly verbally and physically aggressive and physically charged at me. i attempted to move backwards but he continued quickly after me. he then yelled that he had a knife, reached for his pocket and swiped at me. >> reporter: but rose herrera's husband said it was he who was attacked last night, that's how he got thes
and the city center in shambles. city leaders are trying to have a positive outlook on this dubious anniversary. >> they certainly are. they had a press conference to focus on the progress the city has made over the past year. they just put in a new lawn here at franco gawa plaza. they're urging folks not to walk on the lawn for another couple of weeks. with some folks promising to reoccupy the plaza, the city insists it's been prepared. >> reporter: it's been a day of celebration in oakland as the opd promoted 30 officers to take on supervisory roles. >> this is a true oakland renaissance. >> reporter: and city leaders stood on the steps of city hall to proclaim downtown oakland's undergoing a transformation with an increase in sales tax revenue, new businesses, and a newly restored lawn. >> downtown oakland has really become a 24/7 location that's becoming a place that's a center of art. >> reporter: but while progress has been made, many worry we may see a repeat of the destructive demonstrations that took place a year ago. tomorrow's the one year anniversary of occupy oakland and business o
opposed his appointments. the cities of san bruno and san francisco among those in opposition saying pg&e had been given advance notice of mitchell's hiring and also concerned he and his law firm previously represented public u at this time. the talks resume monday without a mediator. >>> the firing and $200 million fine over the leak with the facebook ipo citigroup fired the junior analyst who leaked pre-ipo information and security laws require banks to keep pre-ipo information private until 40 days after a company goes public. >>> u.s. postal inspectors arrested this new york man who sued mark zuckerberg claiming the founder promised him half of the company starting out at harvard. he is charged with wire and mail fraud. he told reporters his arrest was an outrage. prosecutors say he doctored and fabric ated and detroyed evidence to support the claims he made in a lawsuit in 2010. if convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. >>> it turns out it is the best way to make money these days and it's not turning back the clock to buy apple at $10 a share. it's something
department's chronic failure to make reforms. >> the recent uptick in murders where this city tragically experienced five murders in just an 18-hour period cannot be allowed to continue and will not be tolerated. >> reporter: tough talk from oakland's police chief as crime spikes and the department comes under fire by a federal monitor yet again. in back-to-back reports, the monitor criticized the department's handling of officer-involved shootings and of occupy oakland demonstrations. putting the chief in defensive mode. >> we have the fourth most dangerous city in america. these are challenges that my officers face every single day. we're not making up any of this stuff, the fact -- reality of what we see here in this department or in this city each and every day. >> we're saying you shouldn't use force when it's not reasonable to do so. you shouldn't be stopping people on the damn street because they're black when they haven't done anything else. >> reporter: civil rights attorney john burris says time's up for making mandated changes. he says opd has had a decade to make reforms. he
unprecedented mayoral power, claiming the discretion to charge any elected official in this city with official misconduct, with or without a confiction and on a case by case basis. >> reporter: 9 of the 11 supervisors must vote to uphold the charge to be removed from office. otherwise he'll be reinstated. members of the board of supervisor also deliberate and discuss their position and vote. we'll have an update at 11:00. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >>> new tonight at 6:00, they're used in military combat, but now aerial drones are being considered by law enforcement as a cost-cutting way to use technology to fight crime and save lives. stephanie is live with the details. there are fears that the use of these drones could be an invasion of privacy. >> reporter: that's right, concerns over privacy sand civil rights. the sheriff's office is the one dringing this idea up, and it is very preliminary at this point. but here is a picture of a thrown that they tested just two months ago, that the office tested two months ago. a handful of law enforcement agencies in the country have gotten federal
three votes, only to have to lead the city through bankruptcy a short time later. in 2009, the mayor's controversial remarks about gays drew national attention. and most recently he's come under fire for five officer-involved shootings. police confirm they're looking into the possibility the fire was an act of domestic terrorism. >> there is certainly a possibility in a the mayor, being the mayor, might have been targeted based upon his position as a public official. >> we know it was an intentional act. we've taken the evidence to a lab. >> reporter: the mayor was in tears saturday morning as he suited up in fire gear and toured the damage. but he says today is a new day and he's more determined than ever to keep going. >> acts of vandalism or criminal conduct. on the contrary. the only strength in my resolve to continue to do what is right and good as mayor of this city, i am steadfast in my commitment to continue doing what i believe is necessary to serve all of the citizens of this city. >> reporter: we are back here live. investigators again tell us that they have sent evidence
packed weekend bringing in an estimate ed million people into the city. there is blue grass music, a 49ers game and a giants game. there is something for everyone and we have it covered for you. the water now, watching the america's cup races. it's going to be spectacular. >> reporter: certainly is. i want to let you know moments ago the fleet racing competition for the day wrapped up. and what that means is that these participants will be in the sunday finals which we'll have right here on nbc, arta must racing white, the only american skipper in the competition, taking the second of the races, ben ainsley, the winningest skipper in all of the olympics took the first race so the standings are looking good. there was match racing with oracle team usa both in action. and one of the two teams having a day they would like to forget but both supporting the giant on this day. plus we'll take a trip back in time, 25 years back, to look at dennis connor and stars and stripes and their momentous victory in the 1987 america's cup, just 25 years ago, coming up in about 25 minutes. keep it h
milestone for the city of oakland, the 100th homicide of the year. investigators say a man was shot and killed near hilton and market. he later died at a hospital. police and crimestoppers are offering a $10,000 reward. last year oakland recorded 110 homicides for the entire year. >>> new at 6:00 more information is emerging in the puzzling double homicide near the border between pittsburgh and antioch. detectives identified the victims as 24-year-old christopher zin and they were killed yesterday on buchanan road near ventura drive in pittsburgh. investigators urge anyone with information to come forward. >>> it's a high-profile case and now a san raphael george is ordering a teenager of stealing a car to stand trial. pros could you tell users say he tried he to kill a teenage couple back in open. he opened fire on them as they sat in a parked truck. they think wade was upset because the girl rejected him. if convicted he could face decades in prison. he's due back in court on november 1st. >>> applying to make apps, it's one of the hottest jobs in the bay area and it didn't exist
. >>> the call for a san jose city councilwoman to return campaign money is growing louder this weekend. last week the state fair political practices commission ruled that san jose mayor violated state law when his political action committee donated $100,000 to rose herrera. the commission is ordering that herrera and her team pay that money back in full. that demand was echoed today by the president of san jose police officer's association. >> we've reissued the letter that we sent to rose over a week agole aing for her to repudiate and disavow this illegal transfer of money to a committee supporting her re-election. even today they're out together coordinating their campaigns, walking door to door, this needs to stop. >>> the mayor faces penalties of up to $5,000 for each violation but the mayor denies any wrong doing. >> the government code section they're citing applies to candidates and candidate-controlled committees. i'm not a candidate. so they're acting based on a sworn complaint. i think once they get all facts they will have a different view. >> the mayor's attorney plans to discus
and friends of michelle le got a bit of closure. a jury found a union city woman guilty of killing the 26-year-old. nbc bay ea's jodi hernandez has the new details and joins us from oakland this evening. jodi? >> reporter: the le family has been through such an excruciating ordeal that began when the nursing student disappeared last year. today after months filled with court appearances, testimony and finally deliberation, they got a verdict that could put le's killer behind bars for the rest of her life. >> you never know what's going on in the jury's mind. we were just hoping and praying they made the right call. >> reporter: michelle le's family got the verdict they'd hoped for as the jury found 28-year-old giselle esteban guilty of first-degree murder for the may 2011 killing of the nursing student. >> we're just happy that justice has finally been served. it felt like yesterday when we were going through all of this, to finally wrap it all up with the right choice, it lifts a burden. >> reporter: le's family held hands and cried as the verdict was read. while esteban nodded her head as if
. the program is voluntary in california. activists are critical on it. >> city workers spent the day cleaning up after workers damage ed city hall overnight. demonstration marked the 11th anniversary of the war in afghanistan. steps of city hall are shining tonight with green and gold. they are fired up tonight. trailing the series two games to nothing. that means one more loss and they are out. i think we have to get out here and let them know they are welcome back. >> it shows what great talent these young people have. >> game time just after 6:00 p.m. they will be yesry. the results are in. the investigating unit looks at cancer rates in a bay area neighborhood. >> i'm scott budman. the apple mini ipad results and reality check on prop 33. have you seen these adds? questions about who appears in some of the adds. >> and we are tracking a cool and breezy evening around the bay area now. winds gusty in fairfield. showers off to the north that will be approving the bay area tomorrow. >>> 29 days until the election. even if you are well-red on the issues the adds could be misleading. what is t
of the city's occupy protests. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live at oakland with more on the details. this comes at a very touchy time for the oakland police department. >> reporter: it does indeed. jessica, this is being called the largest disciplinary action in oakland police department history. this all stems from the occupy oakland unrest at 14th and broadway on october 25th of last year. according to reports there are recommendations that two officers be fired and 44 officers be disciplined for various things including excessive force. police chief howard jordan confirmed that one of his officers did fire the bean bag that injured iraq war veteran scott olson. he would not say if he is recommending that that officer be fired. meanwhile, reaction from the report was swift. >> what i wanted, i wanted the oakland police to be able to look at itself and discipline itself because everyone knows i was not happy on the day after october 25th. >> this report is indicative of what's wrong here in oakland. the report focuses on persecuting police officers and it shows the city has absolut
their investigation includes video from city surveillance cameras's they described the investigation of friday's incident as active and ongoing. people were inside the office when the shooting happened yesterday afternoon. no one was injured. >>> and we have new information on the bachelor party on the bay that ended with a coast guard rescue. a group of would-be partiers are safe onshore after their charter boat hate rock off alcatraz and started taking on water. the captain of the party boat "neptune" radioed for help after 9:00 last night. luckily the coast guard and san francisco fire boats got there in time. crews rescued 22 people part of that bachelor party. the groom-to-be was taking it all in stride. the damaged boat was towed to a sausalito shop for repairs. wyche the boat hit the rock, marked by a buoy, is still under investigation. >>> after a ten-hour standoff, holster police they roved a body believed to be a missing mother heather carroll. they found the body inside the home of david jose quarter ez, he's being held on murder charges after a standoff that ended at 3:00 this morn
hired by silicon valley. supervisor john avila wants to designate had they can pick up people on city streets. he's concerned about commute hours. the proposal would force operators to pay a fee to use the stops or pick up or drop off commuters. the supervisor hopes to have a plan implemented by the end of 2013. >>> auto our forecast is changing rapidly. let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> from 90s down to the 70s across the bay area. 74 for a high in concord. 81 in santa teresa. 78 in san jose. 71 in san francisco. 69 in oakland. current temperatures dropping off a lot. you think about where we were two to three days ago, we had 90s. widespread 60s from santa rosa and oakland at 63. a lot of fog in place of the we'll take you outside of that live hd cam network. not only the fog in san francisco but areas of drizzle. if you're headed near the coastline or the peninsula, be prepared for that decreased visibility. down in san jose, we had blue sky, a few areas of haze this afternoon. but as we also head into this upcoming weekend, that cloud cover will be increasing. let's get a look
as law enforcement moved in to clear out an encampment outside oakland city hall. arresting nearly 100 people. that raid was followed by angry demonstrations, said to protest economic injustice and police brutality. today, occupy supporters say they're here to celebrate the quote, rebirth of the movement. the point of it is to hold down the territory here a little bit. andon$รท at least in a symbolic . >> reporter: it is an articulate protest put on by this party. sidewalk murals are created once a week in support of occupy. some oakland residents say while they understand the right to demonstrate, they are concern that today's protest is taking away vital police resources from the neighborhoods. >> we lose kids every day. we can't get enough police to come out here and help protect these kids but you can come help protect these people from breaking windows. >> reporter: are you upset with the police or the protesters or both? >> both. it don't make no sense. >> reporter: the mayor says the city is willing and ready to protect free speech rights but also warns there will be zero tolera
of san francisco as the city rushed to play world series hosts with less than 48 hours' notice. >> i already have in contact all of my public safety agencies to begin all the preparations for the world series. and we're thrilled about it, of course, but we're having to go about our work in a very time-constrained way. >> reporter: of course the city and the giants have a little experience when it comes to hosting big parties. >> fortunately, we were here two years ago, so we kind of had a plan in place that we're reengaging. >> reporter: the giants' shirts were already on display in the giants' dugout store and everywhere you looked, the stadium was getting whipped into championship shape. the world series is just the cherry on the top of the busy year in the bay area. that's included the u.s. open, america's cup yacht races and the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. >> there are folks who have been working in this organization or in this industry for literally dozens of years. none of us can recall a city that has had this kind of impact not only economic impact but kind of
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